Friday, May 13, 2011

Pumpkin Germination Rates (thus far)!

I should have started this before yesterday, but hey it's better than nothing!

May 9 Germination Rates
So far, nothing on the pumpkin front since many were planted in the past 24-48 hours. Pumpkin on a stick plants show 4 sprouts, but these were planted about a week ago. There are about 21 or so seeds in a large planter outside right now. We put in about 6 seeds during the last two weeks of April, an additional 6 seeds the first week of May after seeing no germination, and an additional 9 seeds were added from an indoors germination attempt. We are just now starting to see something from them!

May 11 Germination Rates
Red Warty Thing: 4/13 sprouted
Harvested Gourd: 1/6 sprouted (none in germination test)
Pumpkin on a Stick: 6 sprouts (out of a lot of scattered seeds)
Gourd Mix: 5/18 sprouted
Zero of Jack O'Lantern, Sugar, Jack Be Little, Baby Boo, Atlantic Giant, or Casper.

May 12 Germination Rates
Lumina: 10/14 showed roots, 5 sprouted
Gourd Mix: 9/18 sprouted
Red Warty Thing: 9/13 sprouted
Jack O'Lantern: 8/30 showed roots (could be more had I used more clear cups for pots - less than half of these are in clear containers) and 2/30 sprouted
Harvested Gourd Seed: 1/6 sprouted (zero in germination test of an additional 10-ish seeds)
Sugar: 5/12 sprouted (up from 2 the day before)
Jack Be Little: 0/12 sprouted
Baby Boo: 0/12 sprouted
Dill's Atlantic Giant: 2/10 sprouted
Casper: 2/10 sprouted
Pumpkin on a Stick plants: 9 sprouted (out of a TON of scattered seed)

May 13 Germination Rates:
Lumina: 6/14 sprouted (10 had roots yesterday)
Gourd Mix: 12/18 sprouted
Red Warty Thing: 11/13 sprouted
Jack O'Lantern: 6/30 sprouted
Harvested Gourd: 1/6 sprouted (none in 10-seed germination test yet)
Sugar: 7/12 sprouted
Jack Be Little: 0/12 sprouted
Baby Boo: 1/12 sprouted
Dill's Atlantic Giant: 4/10 sprouted
Casper: 4/10 sprouted
Pumpkin on a Stick: 10 total sprouts

So it's been rather exciting around here to check our seeds every day! I also plan to restart many of my vegetable seeds that haven't made it or fell prey to slugs over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I don't often find vegetables to be as easy as pumpkins to grow. Wish me luck on those!

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